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An online store on Magento – who is it for?

Karolina Obszynska Jan 17. 2022
Magento is a large and very evolved eCommerce platform which will not necessarily be
suited to beginner start-ups and small businesses. So, whom is Magento for? If we look at
the top 200 000 largest online stores, this software is one of the most frequent choices
among them. What does Magento offer and what possibilities does it open for a store? Read
why it is worth choosing Magento.

Magento – why not for small eCommerce?
At the beginning we explained why it is not worth investing in the Magento platform if you are
only beginning to develop your eCommerce and have a relatively small online store.
> The multitude of available functions and the possibility of adapting the store to your
individual requirements cause that the cost of implementing the platform is relatively higher
than that of the majority of platforms available on the eCommerce market.
> Advanced modules and extensions go together with greater technical
requirements, thereby Magento requires stronger hosting than other online store
> You need the support and knowledge of a programmer who specialises in
This is why, at first, it is best to decide on platforms such as SaaS or open source, which are
a cheaper option and sufficient for small eCommerce.

Magento — a platform for large eCommerce players
Every company is different and requires different solutions, so an individual approach is
required for each online store. Large and medium-sized companies expect Software Houses
and eCommerce Houses to provide them with made to measure solutions. For this reason,
the Magento platform is the preferred driving engine among larger online stores. Presented
below are the main benefits of Magento:


You're concerned about whether Magento can handle the heavy traffic in your online store?
No worries! Magento is a platform which is capable of carrying the management of
thousands of products and the execution of multiple orders at the same time, so you do not
have to worry about the productivity or scalability of your eCommerce with successive
progress. Your store will grow together with the conversion.
Magento is also characterised by a short page loading time. These days, when we want
everything asap, the page load speed is very important from the customer's perspective. No-
one likes to wait, and a sluggish load of products in your online store could discourage e-

Personalisation at the highest level
To stand out among the competition, you must adapt your store to the preferences of your
customers. The Magento platform allows for the installation of modules and custom
extensions in order to adapt to your business requirements. Good examples of advanced
personalisation include:
● Promotional rules, taking into consideration the value of the customer's cart or a
product category.
● Possibility of changing prices in the customer has made a purchase over a given
● Cross selling, i.e., displaying products to users which could be complementary to
their purchases.
● Content staging – possibility of planning the appearance of the site at a given time.

Advanced optimisations in regard to SEO
Magento also has an influence on acquiring better organic traffic for your eCommerce. The
software supports SEO principles, giving products the possibility of better positioning on
Google or Bing.

Helpful Magento community
Magento is a platform which has a large number of programmers around the world, so you
will never lack the support of an experienced IT team. You also have access to the Magento
store where you will find extensions and functionalities necessary for your eCommerce.

Store adapted to mobile devices

A Magento store website and shopping cart page are responsive, thanks to which customers
can do their shopping unhindered, using their smartphones or tablets.

Functionality of Magento adapted to the partner's needs
The number of functionalities which are offered by Magento is truly impressive. Among them,
definitely worth mentioning are such solutions as:
1) Creating promotional regulations, with consideration of the customer's cart value,
address, or product categories.
2) Possibility of changing prices if the customer purchases products over a certain value.
3) Multistore, so servicing many stores, using varied currencies and languages, from the
level of one administrative panel.
4) Automatic email notifications about product availability.
5) Extensive reports.
6) Content Staging – a tool for planning the appearance of a store at a given time.
7) Possibility of independent content editing using an intuitive page builder.
8) Integration of data with ERP systems.

Leave your store in the hands of specialists — trust their
Creating a store on Magento is not an easy task, which is why it is worth choosing the right
company to help you with the construction and implementation of your store. At Fast White
Cat we come across partners who migrate to us from other Software Houses. In such cases,
we most often perform an audit of such a site in order to find the trouble spots and faults in a
given project. We then consult this with the partner and present the recommended solutions.
At Fast White Cat we place strong emphasis on our developers having Magento Certificates
and that they keep to the quality standards. That's tight, quality and a job well done is the
direction we want to take. We do not deliver speed but trouble-free online stores. - Rafał
Tarnowski, XXX

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